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Why I invest $140/month for a gym membership...

"Price is only a concern in the absence of value."

You pay what..!? 🤯

Some people are shocked when they ask how much I spend per month on a gym membership...

I go to a local Crossfit gym (don't hate 🏋️) here locally. Crossfit gyms in general are pretty pricey but comparable to other gyms/studios like Soulcycle, Orangetheory, and F45. They all offer group classes with coaches to kick your a$$.

So here is why I invest $140/month. ⬇️


The days I work out vs. don't, my mood differs. I feel slow and sluggish throughout the day. I am no medical expert, but your body releases certain chemicals (e.g., endorphins, dopamine, and others) into the brain to influence how you feel when you exercise. Studies indicate that our mental firepower is directly linked to our physical regime based on a Harvard business review blog. The value of exercise isn't just a physical benefits but mental benefits.

I believe it, I am hands down more productive. I communicate/work with people every day, and having that natural energy adds to my already enthusiastic personality. Plus, I want to be dialed in when at work because people trust us with their life savings - thats a big deal. The gym allows me to stay sharp, productive, and performing at peak levels, reason the $140 is well worth it in my heart ♥️. As an added perk, it helps me spend less money on unhealthy snacks since working out eliminates my cravings throughout the day.


Time is valuable right now (well always), while building the business and making time for my wife. Her love language is "quality time", meaning she needs quality time spent with me. I highly recommend reading the five love language book; may save your marriage (here the book).

Anyways, with her crazy work schedule, making time for her when she is not working while also being available for my clients and growing the business, time management is crucial. I no longer have 2-3 hours to workout. Warm-up then jump into the workout, it took too much time and, at times, I didn't feel the sweat. Probably my fault, but that's my point. I want to get in, hit it hard (cardio + weights), and get out feeling like I just burned a thousand calories. That's exactly what I get in a one hour class. Each class have coaches and working out with others keeps you accountable and pushes you to compete against them and the clock.


Work-from-home "WFH" has lead to fewer interactions with our co-workers and sitting at our desk more. At times, I felt anxious and started to experience some significant back pain. Incorporating exercise into my day-to-day became the solution and a priority to relieve that pain.

We forget but social interactions is essential when it comes to our mental health. I miss chatting with my co-workers around the coffee machine. WFH, most of my day is limited to my wife and my cat Thor (not complaining), but sometimes it's just nice to interact with other people (in-person, not over Zoom). Finally, the community is amazing, I've met many great people and have made some great friends. Can't be a price tag on friendship.

To conclude, please don't be mistaken - $140/month is a lot of money. I understand most people are unable to fit that into their budget or don't see the value to pay such amount; understood. But I see this as investment and not an expense. When it comes to anything we buy, price is only a concern in the absence of value. I value my health, work, time, and friendships. We all have different values in life and spend money that align with them.

-Danny Lee




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