Frequently Asked Questions.

I don’t have a ton of investable assets, can I still work with you?

This is why Modern Millennial Wealth was established to offer trusted financial advice for individuals that don't have large amount of assets to invest but want to work with a financial planner to help them create a plan and work towards accomplishing their life and financial goals.

I know other financial advisors, so why should I work with you?

Great questions - this is why we offer a complementary initial conversation to determine if we're a good fit. We recommend you interview multiple advisors and see who best aligns with your values. I always say, you should work with someone you like, respect, and trust.

Who is your typical client?

Our typical client, or our "niche" are ambitious millennials that see the value of financial planning and investing but need additional guidance or a partner to keep them accountable. 

Our "niche" doesn't limit us to just millennials. We are open to work with any generation. 

Can I cancel my ongoing planning relationship?

Of course. You're not committed to any long term contracts. We often share with clients that financial planning takes time before seeing results - (6-12 months). We also appreciate any feedback on your experience. Thing's you loved and hated.

How do you keep my information safe?

We handle your personal information and cybersecurity very seriously. Ways we keep your personal information safe is by not keeping any client information at our physical location, access only through our trusted cloud-based partners, multi-factor authentication, VPN, encrypted file sharing, and other security features.

Do you work with people outside of Colorado?

Yes, because we leverage technology, we're able to work with clients outside the state of Colorado.

Why does being a “fee-only” firm matter?

Being Fee-Only advisor is a big deal for us and our clients. We are never incentivized to sell and push you any services or products because we don't get paid with commissions. That being said, we put your best interest first, not ours.

Why can't I do this financial planning and investing myself?

If you're a do-it-yourselfer and have the knowledge, time, and emotional control (Fact: money and investing can be emotional at times), you definitely can do this by yourself. We want to empower our generation by educating, so read our blogs, and follow us on social media for educational content.

What is project based planning?

Project based planning is ideal for individuals not looking for an ongoing relationship but looking for advice on a specific area of their financial life. (For example, if you need advice on what to select inside your employer benefit package or help with getting your budget organized, etc.)

What is included in the monthly subscription?

You get both our financial planning and investment management offerings. This is an ongoing relationship so whenever you have any questions, or need some advice like when purchasing a car, we want you to think of us. Add us to your favorites in your contacts.

Do you have more questions? Please email me with any additional questions.


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