About The Firm

Our "Why" is to make financial planning and investment management accessible to the next generation of investors. The traditional firms and their model wasn't built with the our generation in mind. High account minimums, high fees, and the lack of technology used in this modern age. The traditional misconception is that financial planning is only for the old, wealthy, and affluent - it's not.

I became obsessed with this mission to reset the misconception while working for various companies, but realized the traditional approach didn't see the "profits".
So, I started Modern Millennial Wealth to offer a modern approach to financial planning and investment management to the next generation. Who have the financial ambitions and help those individuals and their families define and conquer their life & financial goals.

We live in an on-demand world and we utilize the power of technology to deliver a modern and exceptional client experience and financial advice.


About Me

Hello, my name is Danny Lee, founder of Modern Millennial Wealth and Certified Financial Planner and CRPC. I’m married to my beautiful wife, Madison, and we have a cat (acts more like a dog) named Thor. 

Being a first-generation American, I personally understand the value of life and money. This led me to a career to help individuals and their families define what they value most in their life and align them with their money.

I truly love what I do and want to share my passion by educating others about life, money, and investing. Outside of work, I enjoy living life and traveling with my wife, fast cars, cooking, and tech.

I am currently studying for my CFA Level II exam.  


Danny Lee, CFP®, CRPC®